Dreams are not coincidence but delayed reality.
— Jeremiah Abiah

#TheABIAHway is a full service Artist Development & Consulting Company, for the established and emerging artists seeking vocal growth, artistic development and further creative career opportunities. Since its inception, #TheABIAHway has proven to be an important source in the fabric of the entertainment industry.

It's founder, Jeremiah Abiah, a renown singer/songwriter became synonymous with incredible vocal technique as a recording artist on Universal Republic and his live concerts.  His work with artists such as George Michael, Yolanda Adams, John Legend, Mario, Rachelle Ferrell and Amel Larrieux opened many doors for his blossoming career.  Recent appearances on MTV, BET and a current show in development have solidified that #TheABIAHway is providing an important element to artist success and longevity.

The #TheABIAHway motto is "Dreams are not coincidence but delayed reality".  We believe that with time, preparation and persistence, that your dreams can become your reality.


Renown recording artist, vocal coach and songwriter, Jeremiah has become the Go-To man in the music industry for teaching singers the essentials of vocal technique. A graduate of the Eastman School of Music, Syracuse University and the New England Conservatory, Jeremiah paid his dues as a student and practitioner of the voice. With a healthy knowledge of Pop, Opera, Jazz, R&B, Musical Theatre, Rock and World music, Jeremiah carved a unique presence in the music community.  Equally proficient in many genres, Jeremiah has performed leading roles at NYC Opera, Carnegie Hall and European opera houses, appeared Off Broadway as well as headlined concerts at the Blue Note, the Apollo, Jazz @ Lincoln Center, Joe's Pub, B.B. Kings and major international festivals in Japan, Moscow, Italy, France, Spain, England, Finland, Taiwan and Holland to name a few.

For the past 14 years, Jeremiah has worked to establish a name that is respected and undeniable.  Having established a NYC based private vocal studio, Jeremiah has worked with an array of pop, opera, jazz, R&B and music theatre stars as well as the aspiring.  His approach to vocal technique is one that brings a smile to your face. "There is no gimmick to what I do!!  You simply have to learn how to breath and release the sound in a relaxed way without forcing the voice into places.  Singing is an extension of speech.  Anytime someone tells you to manipulate your voice, throat or tongue in unnatural ways, I suggest you run."

With performances, appearances and Masterclasses globally, Jeremiah has consulted all the major record labels, producers and managers. With his spirited and knowledgable approach to vocal technique, Jeremiah is in demand in the music business.

Mr. Abiah became passionately involved in artist development after numerous labels began to call for his insight "Labels began to call me and ask for my insight on their artists and ultimately it led me naturally to coaching.  Vocal technique is very important and is a key ingredient missing in the current music landscape."  Mr. Abiah's recent appearance on MTV & BET further exemplify his style and drive to create stars with life changing technique and presence.

The #TheABIAHway motto has been Jeremiah's personal inspiration and the impetus to change the lives of singers.  With spirit and vocal gifts, Jeremiah has brought forth a new recognition of vocal technique in the music industry.  "In order to achieve our dreams, we must work hard and be proficient as singers/musicians.  There are lots of short cuts but nothing replaces solid technique."

Love, Live, Learn your Voice